How to make candles

  1. Gently heat wax to melt. The wax has to be hot enough to dissolve the fragrance oil and dye, but not greater than 185 degrees. So, 155 for liquid dye, 185 for dye chips or flakes. You can use a crock pot or a double boiler. Presto pots work well too. It’s not a good idea to heat wax directly on the stove. Remove from heat.
  2. Put the dye in the wax. You can either use liquid, chips or a block. It’s a good idea to get the wax the color you want, before you add the fragrance. That way if it doesn’t turn out, you can turn it brown or black, and always keep a fragrance on hand that appropriate for a dark color.
  3. Add the fragrance. 1 ounce of fragrance to 1 of pound wax is usually just right. You can start with ¾ ounce and work up. The max fragrance load is 2 ounces per pound. It’s a good idea to use a kitchen or postal scale. There is a difference between liquid volume of wax, and liquid volume of water. If you don’t have a scale, you can guesstimate that 18 liquid ounces of wax is equal to 16 ounces net weight.
  4. Gently stir wax for at least a minute. The dye and fragrance must completely dissolve and bond into the wax.
  5. Allow wax to cool to 95-100 degrees. This is important in order to get smooth tops. While wax is cooling, get your containers ready.
  6. Place wick sticker on the wick tab, and place in the center of your container. You can remove the inside of a Bic pen, so all you have it the barrel. Thread the wick into the barrel. That will make it easier to guide the wick down into the container. Press it firmly in place. You may use a hot glue gun, but it can get messy.
  7. Gently stir wax one last time.
  8. Pour wax into a container.
  9. Keep centering the wick as the wax solidifies.



  • Always test burn your wax, wick, dye, and fragrance combination before making a large batch. Even the amount of dye you are using will alter your burn.
  • Take a piece of wax paper, place it over a white piece of paper. Then place a drop of your wax on. When it hardens, that will be the color of your wax. Then you can add more dye or more wax till you get the shade you want.
  • Allow candle to cure for 24 hours before lighting or lidding.
  • Trim wick to ¼ inch the first time, and ever time you light your candle.
  • Do not get your wax too hot. And make sure you allow it to cool before you pour it into your jar. This is the best way to get smooth tops.
  • Your room temperature should be around 72 degrees.
  • Always line your work area with newspaper.
  • Do not over expose yourself to the fragrance fumes.
  • Use a heat gun if the tops need to be smoothed. They work great for cleaning your equipment.
  • It’s nice to use Caution Labels if you are selling your candles.

And finally, always buy your candle supplies from me.